design. build. outfit.


Every project, regardless of size or scope, incorporates three phases: design, construction, and outfitting. The various project delivery models merely define the responsibilities (and level of risk) required of each team member used to execute these three phases. The phases are intrinsically related. Accurate completion of any one phase is not possible without input from the other phases of work. Design and construction must accommodate the furniture and/or equipment outfitting the space. Constructability concerns and furnishings must inform the design. All phases must be in sync with one another.

Encompass understands the inherent relationship between the project phases. Regardless of project delivery model, we work with team members and pull from our years of experience to develop solutions which consider all phases - those within as well as those outside of our control and scope of work. This integrated approach results in a well-coordinated project and practically guarantees completion within budget and in accordance with the client's specifications. Learn more about our unique service offerings here.



Mr. John Loyd has led design and construction teams for more than 30 years. His track record of nearly 100% repeat clientele, many of which were established decades ago, is a testament to his performance and integrity. Mr. Loyd provides executive-level oversight of all Encompass projects.

Ms. Becky Cullinan has 12 years of business development and management experience in the design and construction industry. She is proficient in the various project delivery models, specializing in the management of integrated design/build/outfit procurement strategies.