Second Opinion Design Service

At Encompass, we believe in the value of integrated project delivery so much that our services include a second-opinion design service, which we offer to potential clients free of charge. As part of this service, we will review your existing design prior to construction commencement. If we find that we can offer you a superior solution (in terms of cost, schedule, and overall efficiency), we will, at our own risk and at no charge to you, provide you with the following: 

  • Detailed schematic plans
  • Comprehensive project specifications
  • Project development schedule
  • A guaranteed lump sum price that includes all design and construction costs to complete your project
  • Financing/Leasing options (if applicable)

This service will either confirm the value of your current plan or present to you a more efficient and cost effective project solution. Again, there is no financial commitment or obligation for this review, and you simply accept or reject our plan.

Our experienced team has executed this second-opinion design service model on dozens of projects, saving clients hundreds of millions of dollars in design and construction costs on projects nationwide. We welcome the opportunity to review your project at absolutely no cost to you or your project.